Lunch or Dinner, Fishing, & Kayaking Cruise -
12 noon to 2.30pm or 5pm to 7.30pm

Lunch or Dinner, Fishing, & Kayaking Cruise (12 noon to 2.30pm or 5pm to 7.30pm)

Welcome aboard our beautiful steel yacht "Stormbreaker" to experience a wonderful hour cruise on the sheltered waters of Macquarie Harbour, in the magnificent wilderness area of the West Coast of Tasmania.
Relax and enjoy a fishing and Kayak cruise where you'll be served your meal of smoked salmon and cold meats and salad, then dessert with a complementary drink. We also sell wine and beer or you can bring your own. We can serve meals for children, or provide cheeses instead of the fish or meat.
On this unique cruise we will sail you to a remote spot in the harbour where you'll see majestic mountains which will take your breath away.
Trevor, the owner/skipper of "Stormbreaker", will tell you of the fascinating history of this precious part of West Coast Tasmania.   Fishing gear and kayaks are provided for your enjoyment while we are at anchor, and we always sail when the wind permits.